Diljeet and Claudine (Bobby and Claudie) – Wedding in Leamington Spa

When I was asked to photograph Bobby and Claudies wedding, I knew it was going to be special. Bobby is from Sikh Indian descent, and Claudie is a little English Rose. The day was going to be a mix of cultures, with a Sikh blessing in the morning and a Church of England blessing in the afternoon.

I popped along to the pre-wedding party on the night before the wedding to chat to the groom and grab a few images. When I arrived I met a very relieved looking groom, this was because his traditional wedding suit that was supposed to have been delivered on the Wednesday, had only just been delivered to him at the party. One of the main reasons for going to the festivities was to witness and photograph the Jaago Dance, a traditional Punjabi dance very commonly performed in the lead up to the wedding.

The next morning I joined Claudie at her parents house for some prep shots before the Sikh ceremony in the morning.

The Sikh ceremony was held at the Gurdwara Shahib in Leamington Spa. The Bride was kept seperated from the Groom and guests until the ceremony.


The Church of England blessing was held at Warwick House in Southam, along with the following reception. After getting to know the couple I was not surprised at Claudies wedding dress one single bit, it simply summed her up beautifully. She wore a wonderfully simple empire line dress with lace detailing on the body and satin silk lower. What made the dress even more special, was the fact that it was her mothers wedding dress, made by her mum for her own wedding. She altered the dress for Claudie, with the original sleeves being removed and the neckline lowered slightly. Claudie and her sisters then adding some diamanté crystals to give it some sparkle. Shoes were by Dune, her beautiful tiara was made by her sister, and the bridal bouquet was not surprisingly, made by her mother.




Keeping with the theme of the day the cake was also made by Claudie and one of her sisters, a truely multiskilled family! Truely delicious it was too.

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