La Touche Family – Portrait – Pittville Park, Cheltenham

Back in November  2012 I braved the weather with the La Touche family  for some photographs in Pitville Park & back at their home in Cheltenham  and I am so glad I did.  Beau and Poppy were such great children to photograph and not a rain drop in sight, until we walked back to the house anyway!

Beau being the oldest of the two was initially a little shy but once she came out of her shell the hardest task was getting her to stand still, which we just about managed, but I am not too proud to admit being outrun by a 3 year old girl. Poppy was an angel and seemed content the whole way through the shoot and seemed a natural in front of the camera at just 5 months old!

We had a lovely time and I am so thrilled to have some captured some precious family memories for them all.

La Touche 163

La Touche 167

La Touche 011

La Touche 017

La Touche 023

La Touche 024

La Touche 048

La Touche 066

La Touche 079

La Touche 082

La Touche 087

La Touche 112

La Touche 146

La Touche 179

La Touche 183

La Touche 192

La Touche 197

La Touche 215

La Touche 234

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